Wednesday, November 21, 2018


I did step into something that is so right for me, it is my lifework, I walk to for 50 years by now. I even did this work, but I myself couldn't accept it as a profession, I regarded it as Dharma service. My mind has a very deep Theravada Buddhism conditioning out of siting numerous ascetic retreats in a past, and doing selfless service for decades. It explained to itself why I can't charge for my work in a spiritual community. I couldn't even ask for donations laud enough so I would be heard in my need...

I could start thinking that my work in a spiritual community is forgotten, invalid, not valued, but I am glad that I didn't go there, I went and enrolled myself into professional coaching program, to get a profession. Well, I had many professions in my life, different identities, but they were not a good fit, this coaching/consultant is! It fits like a glove. Because I do not need to change myself, conform to wear something else that doesn't fit, it's me - the same provocative, seeing possibilities, inspiring, and intuitive mind that was there when I was challenging my buddies in a sandbox when I was 6!

And for my own amusement and appreciation of my life experience I sat down and created a resume. Yep, the last one I did was in 1998 or so! I am going to post it here, because I actually like how it came out. So I moved on to be professional again, with a freshly made current resume!

And the real magic started as soon as I stepped into my new identity as a professional coach and consultant. I experienced dramatic shifts in energy. I have been slowly wilting physically, but it is all turned around on a dime. I am not kidding or exaggerating. I have been waiting for remission for a long time. I knew this will be, no rush, no need to fix anything, this will dawn on this organism, just like the illness dawned on it. So it is happening right now, right in front of my eyes. I feel energised, I feel alive, I feel healthy, quick, and clear in my mind. My body slimmed down in a week without me changing anything. My skin is firming up again, thanks to my body, very frikin resilient! Suddenly my left brain started to work! The lobotomized executive functions of the brain 8 years ago in a profound experience of Awakening, seems like fully restored in a few days!

The only what I did, people, I stepped into my life work fully, I became who I want to be in this life, without any excuses from Theravada. 
I am already a powerful coach, from the kindergarten to this very day, I have been coaching and consulting people for y-e-a-r-s, especially in the last eight years - continually, day after day - and the new skills I am learning in the program I enrolled only highlight and make it easier to use the natural gift of this brilliant mind. If anyone here know Human Design, I am a Mental Projector, a seer, I SEE and tell, in a very PRECISE, and at the same time, SIMPLE way. And this can be POWERFUL, as many of you know. My work is catalytic for transformation. I am thrilled to do it to the rest of my physical life, maybe even on a death bed I will still guide, if I am asked.

I am in awe how physical body heal itself in a way I never saw it's coming. I seriously had doubts that maybe physicality pass the point of no return, but nope, it looks like miracle to me so sudden changes, even in a muscle tone! And the blood test is MUCH better then previous. If you are healthy, you might not get how big deal this is, I was healthy all my life, I don't even get colds. This was so new experience to me: be not well. So I lived that - check! Now I can move on with full remission. Re-Mission -- revisiting your mission in this life. Why you are here, what you are born with to give to the world, what you are here to create, express, to give life to.

So I started another cycle of life - REMISSION. I have so much to say about healing, but I already said the most important piece: Please do what you love as your work, as your profession. Let professional be creative and creative be professional, do not separate the two. Be with someone you love. Live in the place you want to live. This all especially important for anyone who is not well. Healing will happen by itself, if you alined with yourself in the basic human areas of life. Happy Thanksgiving, friends. Give thanks for your unique adventure in this lifetime. Live it fully! 

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