Saturday, July 20, 2019

To Heal is to become Real

I met a lot of people one on one by this time, and I want to say that to HEAL means to become REAL. Not more spiritual, not more awake, not more evolved, no. It is becoming real. And here is where many have no idea what 'real' is. So how you supposed to heal yourself if you don't even know yourself really? Oh, yes, I know we all here seeking for transcendence and "true nature', I even wrote a book about it that coming out next month! But my next book is actually about becoming real. While I am writing this book about my own homecoming, use me to deep dive with you to find realness in you. I have plenty of testimonials on my website of this amazing work that never the same, because everyone is absolutely unique. I have a loose structure for the process, but no agenda or any expectations. I am open to listen to you and to pick up the strands of real you and then we weave them together into a clear vision of why you are here in this particular body and mind, what you are here to be and do, so you can fulfill your mission and this will bring you to full re-mission from any psychological or physical illness 

1 appointment a week starting in August, while I am focusing on publishing Buddha on a Bull and writing Dark Night of the Soul