Wednesday, May 20, 2020

Don't loose your essential human freedoms to fear

I watched yesterday Trump telling journalists that he is taking chloroquine and zinc. Not that I love Trump, please do not miss-interpret me like in other of my posts, read this without judgment, it will help you to understand that covid is not a deadly virus and you can prepare yourself and if needed take something that helps.
I describe in my writing before that I too took not chloroquine, but tonic water contained quinine (for those who can't get chloroquine, it works as well!) + Zinc. Trump taking it preventative, I took it for acute illness. What was it I don't know, you know covid tests are not available for general population, but I did have some symptoms described in the media, like burning in the chest and throat and my article about it on my blog Complete Humanity.
Don't fear death when it's 99+% about recovery, often quick like in my case, often without any symptoms. Don't make a righteous stand that we all have to follow the fear-based living because of your fear. Please do not slander me just because I stand for my right to live essential human freedoms of choosing how I live my life in already very tight parameters set by whoever structure the ways of living on this plane. Please, before you call me selfish for not following what you want me to follow, just for a second assume that maybe if I would be selfish I would sit quietly at home eating my grass-fed butter that I stock up on and watching from afar how easily human beings follow strange orders from the authorities, disregarding their own critical thinking, the science, the numbers, the doctors - virologies, epidemiologists, triple board certified, and listen to a random software guy who invest in Monsanto, and then wait for his vaccine to be ok to go outside and hug another human being. That would be super selfish, I agree.


Here is my post where I described Quinine-Zinc protocol I used: