Saturday, May 30, 2020

Authentic Face

By some messages I read I see that some people are lost in their set character and have no idea they are. They hear me talking about myself with awareness of the conditioned character and it's roles, and they assume it has nothing to do with them, they think their existence as a character they know with all the supporting neurological responses, physiology, habits of the mind, set ways in life, familiar ways they hold themselves, gestures, postures, aspirations, ideas and's them. They have no idea that what responds to life is not them, but conditioned mind. Doesn't matter really even if you are awake to some degree to bigger perspective, even worse, then you are really fucked. Until all that persona that you hold start to crumble and you allow it to die, to dissolve, you will never see your authentic face. You might think you know your authentic face, but thats another layer of denial. Don't think you can oversmart life, if you really honest with yourself, you will be able to give yourself to life fully. It is different in everyone's case, but it requires to scarifies everything you know about yourself and allow yourself be pushed, challenged, break, and loved by life itself  🙏