Saturday, April 25, 2020

Snap out of fear, folks!

I am not even sure where to start, but I will, otherwise I never write it down which happens very very often, much more often then someone who call themselves a writer can afford.  This post will be a mixed bag of what was going on in my world in the last couple of days and this post might not be well-structured, forgive me for this, I really don't want to write, but feel this might help some people, so it will do it.
About half way I am describing my experience with Zinc+Quinine protocol. For anyone interested in emergency treatment for virus I tried on myself... but first...
This corona scare city got to the peek recently among the people, and I had to post a few posts on social media that evoke a lot of feelings in people. I am known in the ability to evoke feelings, this is the aim of my writings, so I am glad it worked. I have this provocative energy in me that get's unleashed when I write, I am here to touch some hidden fears, challenge some old beliefs. Of cause it includes myself as well, I had to live through a half a century of experiences to get clear in myself in order to be able to write in a way that is effective for transformation.

Real tangible transformation doesn't come with neutrality and trying to please the crowd.  It comes through evoking some cognitive dissonance, the disillusionment in one or another lie we hold dear to ourselves, and confronting lies is nothing less then a courageous act.  It might be easy for some, I don't know, this is not my case here. So we are very much connected in the field through this possibility of transformation, it does include me in it. 

Recently I had a lot of support, but also a lot of resistance in the field. Oh, I am so happy my writings stoke a fear cord in many people, hey, I have done my work perfectly then, because hiding and escape doesn't really do much in evolvement of the spirit, and these days it's essential to start to look into hidden places of fear, how else you can go forward in life when the whole world as we know it is going kaput?! 

No, it will not going to be like it was before. If you still hope that things will come back to "normal" after a while, no, the changes on the planet Earth in a way our life is structured and run will never be the same. There are going to be humongous changes, and its just a start.  So brace yourself, and instead of running from being challenged in some of the beliefs that will not serve you to go forward in these chaotic times, 
open yourself to new ways of seeing and experiencing.  These are the times of restructuring the entire financial system of the world (yes, it is one of the main reason everything is in a chaos right now).  For those who are re-structuring the ways we live this is not a chaos, there is a particular plan, but as George Carlin said: "There is a club, and me and you are not in it": George Carlin "The big club" video on YouTube.

It doesn't mean that this recent virus is not real, sure it is, like other viruses and flus, and germs, and bacterias, but the real reasons for entire world lock-down is to use it as a smoke screen to divert people's entire focus on danger of the virus and evoke fear. Basically steal people's attention while starting re-structuring the world financial system and the entire human society.  I understand that most people are unable to see it, the fear of getting the virus and dying is taking their entire focus in life right now. And surely I hit resistance on social media with my provocative messages like this one:

"This starts to remind me living with KGB in Russia, and right now while this coverup going on mind programming is not even that sophisticated, you can see it if you want! At least we were born into that society and were indoctrinated to be afraid to speak up since childhood. What is happening to you people who were brought up with a freedom of speech, why the fk you are silent? Still meditating? Good Luck."

But let's get to the heart of this post, something I wanted to share, in case you will need it.  I am not a medical professional and this is not a medical advice, but description of my own experience.  

I will tell you guys how I went recently through some of corona adventure. I am not sure if this was a virus, or it was some woo-woo from the field of resistance from social media (you know how this works in mysterious ways), but I actually got sick for couple of days. This is why I took a break to take care of myself and signed off from FB.

I suddenly developed symptoms people describe in the early stages of the virus: pains in the body, headache, burning in my throat and a chest. This could be anything, but at these times everyone who gets any symptoms of any illness, automatically think it's covid19, and since testing is not available, I decided to treat it as a virus. 

As per my own article:  
Cervesa Virus and How I boost immunity which I posted in the beginning of this pandemic, I immediately took high dose Vitamin C (8 grams with some short intervals) and I used nano silver to swish in my throat.  It did not help this time, the next day I woke up really sick.  I had in mind couple of protocols in case I will get hit by covid19, one of them was homeopatics, and I was prepared.  I bought a set of homeopathy for this very case to treat, but unfortunately I did not read the instructions beforehand, and as I tried to print it out and read it, I was seizing up. I realized I have to just go for the Quinine+Zinc protocol I described in my article, though taking high dose of 100mil of zinc with Quinine was a bit scary.  Not for a reason! 

I don't know if my organism reacted to it in an intense way, or this is a general reaction to this protocol, but after I took Quinine tonic water with 100mil of zinc in a very short time it started to remind me a beginning of Ayahuaska journeying: intense nausea and my mind went in sort of mild delirium state.  I wanted to throw up, but I kept telling myself to hold it (anyone who have done Aya knows its good to hold until you can't anymore :) ) "Just hold it, Elena, as much as you can.  Relax, lay down, and let it kill the fucker ", were general instructions to myself.

So I did. I went outside and laid down on a grass on my backyard and immediately drifted into delirium completely.  I laid for sometime, tripping, at some point I fell asleep. I want to tell you that I did not have any troubles of breathing, but I had intense burning in my throat and the second day I felt it went into my chest. I had body pains just like you have it with any flu, tension headache, maybe a fewer, but I did not measured it. After I woke up there was absolutely no symptoms, zero.  First what I noticed is the burning in my throat and a chest was completely gone, no pains in my bones, no tension headache, I was clear of all of it, at once, completely, like we say in Russia: "like the cow licked it off".

Truly I was amazed, because it did match completely the data from LA emergency rooms where patients with covid19 were treated with chloroquine (contain Quinine) and Zinc and were released in a matter of 1-2 days. Some info about it:

Where I got my dosage for Quinine Zinc protocol

Chloroquine, Zinc Trials
LA hospitals and chloroquine

I did not use 
chloroquine, I used Quinine rich Tonic water and ionic Zinc I bought on Amazon, the link to both is here:How I boost Immunity 
Also you might ask me what the title of this post was about?  I actually borrowed my partner's words from his post recently:

Please watch the REAL numbers in California!! California doctors investigating what is really going on in our state with covid19. Something is drastically wrong with how this situation is handled. Snap hell out of fear folks! Let's get real and support our community by sharing this kind of information, not disinformation brought to us by mainstream media and our own fears!" Here is the link to the video: Covid19 Briefing in California

video by one of my favorite docs on the net Dr. Berg: 

COVID-19: Is It as Deadly as They Say?

Dr.Shiva Ayyadurai exposing big pharmas, hospitals and vaccines:

On the end note I want to leave you again with George Carlin's brilliant speech on viruses and all kinds of germs:
This video on Youtube:
George Carlin on fear of germs and viruses 

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