Friday, June 4, 2021

Most Common Fear

If I would isolate and name the most common fear we share is to appear socially INADEQUATE: just being unable to be and behave in a manner that is socially unacceptable and therefore, not approved, not liked, rejected, and disowned. This is deep tribal fear that we carry from the times when belonging to the tribe was the matter of life and death, it was almost impossible to survive alone.

We do everything to be adequate, everything - from small denials, to sucking up to those who control the community to which we belong. Having no strong principles, vague psychological boundaries from messed up family dynamics only helps to suck up and agree. For ordinary person it is easier to see through this thick, he just needs a crisis, life will re-arrange the brain naturally, and if he happens to meed a mentor at that time, he will start to come out from the delusions and prison of his own mind.
For "very spiritual", especially "awake", and especially if it happens to be "spiritual authorities" people it is monumentally hard and sometimes impossible to get out from the crystalized image of themselves as someone residing in higher consciousness. It's a threat to the whole lifestyle, their identity, their stand in comparison to other "ordinary" people, or "beginners" in spirituality. Do you see this horseshit is not real, its a pure mind creation to prop the image, to prop the "specialness", "not ordinariness". You give these people a real crisis like 2020, and where they are? In fear based living, first in line for experimental substances being shoot into their body, and condemning, disowning, rejecting from the communities those who actually were able to breath through fear, breath through mind's riddles, breath through mind's talks to itself, and stepped out of that all into the truth of their own, into sovereignty, the birthright of human being to think outside the social conditioning.
Most of the "ordinary" people are open now and looking for real spirituality, not concepts. Most of the "highly spiritual" have nothing, but concepts. Wonderful times for life to sort out who is who and where this who is going in 2,5,10 years.
May we all live the best of our lifetime, human life is so precious ❤