Thursday, August 24, 2017

Belonging and Conscience

Belonging is a very big thing for human beings.  We like to belong. We like to be a part of the tribe, this is an ancient conditioned preference carried through millennia.  As a tribe we survive.  As a tribe we also help each other and rejoice together.  

True belonging is a rare phenomenon.

Any community is a field, and the only way to truly belong in the community is to resonate with the field: the values, the structure, people, and etc.  If we do not resonate fully, then we bound to bend, even a little here and a little there.  When we bend a little, we shrink a little.  We are not anymore whole.

At some point of our lives the depth of the spirit itself shows us if what we involved in, with whom we belong is true for us or not.  If before we could bend a little and justify to ourselves this in different ways,  after a certain life lived, we can't do it anymore. G.I. Gurdgieff, a mystic of the beginning of 20th century, called it conscience.  Somewhere in the depths of our being is something that does not belong to a conceptual mind which tries to take over us.  It can obscure the truth with it's constant input in a form of stories and believes.  But if we are going deeper with our living inquiry into the nature of being, the mind does not hold a grip on us anymore, and the truth, like conscience, can be strongly felt.

Conscience is the best orienteer, the best navigation system.  It will let you know every time if you are in congruence with it, or you are lying, even if it is a little, or it is excused by the mind as something good to do.  Conscience will give you clear input, without downplaying.  With having access to conscience you just simply and gently aware if it is true for you or not, without a doubt, without looking at anyone else for support, without hiding behind fears. This in itself is a very good sign of maturity.

We all have conscience, it is in the very fabric of our being, but only when we are truly here and now, in the naturalness of our being, we have an access to it, otherwise we are a subject to thoughts, beliefs and concepts of the mind.  Just make sure you clear the way for it, study the mind's trick-a-treats, investigate all the human phenomena what it is really, so you are not fooled into it's games.  Conscience itself will take care of the rest and you always enjoy your belonging, because it will be true, within yourself, relationship, or community.