Friday, June 11, 2021

Deep Listening

What we are missing is real listening.

Not listening to verbal expression of others,

but listening to our feeling, feeble voice within,

slightest movement of energy.

Listening is an internal process,

deep listening is not done with the ears,

deep seeing is not done with the eyes,

and Knowing is not done with the intellect.

We have a part of humanity

that listens through the ears and eyes,

they call it listening to "science","news",data from CDC

and their own thoughts conditioned by this data.

And we have a part of humanity that gets information

by listening to nonverbal expression of the heart:

"This doesn't feel right".

These two parts of humanity

make different choices right now

that will affect their future,

our future,

the future of humanity.

Our future right now

depends on how many

will truly listen, listen to their own heart.