Friday, March 22, 2019


To give back to the community I offer to anyone who donated to my fundraiser a free coaching session. If you are stuck in any area of life, we can look at it together. 

I will be focused 2 full days on serving my donors. Do not be shy, you can bring to the table with me anything, from very spiritual to very mundane, you know me by this time, I don't really make any distinction, or have any judgment, or preference what we will be talking about. My main agenda is you as an agenda 

The link bellow will bring you to the description how I work, and a calendar. If you scroll down you will see: "Free coaching for my donors", please choose the date you want to talk to me. I already did some work with those who donated, but I am opening myself even more now, regardless of the amount of the contribution 

March 26 or April 11. I put the times that can accommodate anyone from Australia, to Europe to USA...