Thursday, March 19, 2020

Cervesa virus and how I boost immunity

What I do to boost immunity?
Look for many updates I made since I posted this blog post: They are dated and in bold blue.

If I feel a bit under the weather, as I am getting cold, I take big dose vitamin C: 7-8 grams in the same day. Usually after this Vit C load I completely loose any coming cold symptoms. I stayed flue and cold-free for many years due to this very intervention with Vit C megadose. My maintenance dose is 1gram a day, but I am not consistent. Basically I take mega dose when I need and then I forget about Vit C. I eat sauerkraut or kimchi every day which has enough Vit C for maintenance. UPDATE March 20: I am prepared to introduce a massive dose of Vit C into my body in case I get the virus. Massive dose: 2 grams every 6 min for 3 hours or similar. Right now I am taking 1-2 grams a day as maintenance (got consistent!) One of the good options for megadose: I also will add here I take Vit D 5000mg daily as maintenance and 10000mg during virus period. And colloidal silver to gargle, if you have sore throat. Silver does work for me well for years to kill any virus/bacteria on onset. UPDATE March 30 I noticed that Solaray Vit C raised price. I bought for 22$, now its 35$ and available in 3 weeks. So search for another brand 1000mg. And take 1-2 a day for maintenance and more if you freaking out to catch the virus or you feel a bit under weather, on onset. Take 2 grams every half an hour until you take 7-8 grams total. This usually helps me. But if you want to really be sure you killed the fker, then go bonkers and take 2 grams every 10 min for couple of hours (for this purpose I bought the powdered C, easier to take megadoses ) P.S. I am not a medical professional, I am just sharing what I do and what I would do if sick. In fact, I got sick a bit in NYC and I took 8 grams of Vit C just like I said here, and that was the end of the story. UPDATE APRIL 3 I added Fulvic Minerals to my daily routine. I bought them here: UPDATE APRIL 7
Here is what I ordered to add to my virus busting arsenal:
Quinine and Zinc!
I was listening to Dr. Eric Nepute today (he is on FB) who said that combination of these two things together release patients tested with Corona from LA hospital in 12-16 hours.
Quinine is an antimalarial drug which is made from Cinchona bark. The mode of action of quinine is similar to chloroquine that is used now in many hospitals to treat the virus. So if you feel flu/virus symptoms, drink any tonic water with quinine with 50-100mg of Zinc. This is emergency dose of zinc, usually its 15mg, so save the big doses for the emergency situation. Gin and tonic will work for now as preventative (just kidin!  )
Any tonic water like Shwaps will do, I ordered Quinine tonic water from Amazon:

I drink a small jar of green juice almost every day (UPDATE APRIL 1: No more juice I make for now, since I do not want to go to the stores until next week): kale, celery, ginger, lemon, sometimes add spinach, apple. I make a batch twice a week, not religiously, but I try to make it, especially if I see really good celery in Whole Foods or farmer's market. I can't keep myself from buying 2 bunches (organic celery is relatively inexpensive here 1.99$ ) and then I don't have a choice but buying all other ingredients and make a juice (we have so small refrigerator, if I bought the veggies I am forced to make a juice the same day). Our juice stay fresh for 3 days in a fridge so I make a lot for the next three days for two people.

I make a hot spicy drink in a stainless steel tumbler: lemon and ginger. I steep it and add water through the day, if needed. I used to add honey and cayenne to the drink, but right now I skip both, the first two ingredients are enough.

I walk on the ocean almost every day, if its too cold, it might be just 10 min, if the weather is warm, an hour or so. With my partner we walk in a forest every week, we just love walking, hiking, or we just drive along the ocean to see the beauty of Pacific coast, might go out to look at sunset, or just sit in a car. Not sure how that boosts immunity, but just for a story :)

Every day after a shower I dip in a cold plunge on our backyard (a soaking plastic tub I bought on Amazon that we fill with cold water once in 3 weeks in a winter and more often in a Summer): I add hydrogen peroxide a bit to keep water fresh for long time. I used to sit in a tub for 10 min before, but I noticed I get chilly during the day, so I cut it to 2 min and it works great! It energizes and refreshes and definitely boost immunity! You can use cold shower for 2 min (start with 30 sec and build up if you are new to cold water)

I walk barefoot on the earth on our backyard in the morning while exercising a little bit. I am not a gym type at all, I am lazy as it gets, so my exercise consist of hanging from the pole like a sausage :) But I have to say this really strengthen my arms and upper body, just hanging as much as possible. It elongates the spine and release stuck energies from my shoulders from too much computer :) I can't pull myself up, just a little bit, but hanging does wonders, so do not underestimate any kind of exercise that works for you.

I quit sugar a month ago. This mean all kind of sugar: honey, fruits, any carbs, except vegetables. So yes, I got myself into ketosis - where body uses for energy fat, not glucose. I highly recommend to check this out, because this fixed all kinds of digestive issues very quickly and I am amazed by the science of ketosis. I am looking so much forward to this very way of eating every day, I love it! I start my day with coffee with butter and MCT oil and I do not want to eat after that for at least 4 hours. I found this information accidentally, my close friend was diagnosed with colon cancer, and I was trying to find out more about the cure and stumbled upon a book "Anyway you can": that helped me to open my eyes to ketosis. I feel as ketosis is a huge immune booster. And I lost so far 9LBS eating the way I love and the way it makes me feel well fed and at the same time, feel light. UPDATE APRIL 7: gained back 4lbs, too much sitting at home! :)
We use portable far infra-red sauna couple of times a week or I also use Epson salt baths. I used to go to Russian banya all my life and Korean sauna in NYC, but where I live now we don't have any of those, so we use portable sauna - works so well! We use this one, its truly the best, but I did not buy it directly, I found on craiglist almost new but 3 times cheeper: UPDATE APRIL 6: I had some inquiries why this sauna is the best. I tried a few other inexpensive saunas from Amazon, no comparison! You have to sit in a cheep sauna for an hour to have the same heat as I have in this one for 20 min. Plus this one is Zero EMF (I tested their claim with EMF meter) And lastly, we burn sage in the house, every day. It kills any airborn bacteria and viruses. And elevates the spirit. I felt moved to share personal tidbits at these times, maybe someone will find something for yourself that will work for you. Love,