Saturday, June 21, 2014



  1. 1.
    a strong feeling of wanting to have something or wishing for something to happen.

  1. 1.
    strongly wish for or want (something).

I worked with so many people to lead them to awakening, and most would start with expectations how freedom should look and feel, based on all they have read and heard from someone they believe is a trustable source on enlightenment. I worked with many Buddhists, and some had incomplete understanding of the teachings that put expectations in the mind that desire must be completely eliminated. These expectations are the MAIN BARRIER that keeps one from seeing freedom that is already present.

The freedom is not only present for some. To see for yourself expectations must be dropped. It's not that you consciously drop them as you would a sack of wood. The desire for truth, desire to SEE, desire to KNOW, should become so strong it should permeate the whole Being. In this potent space of desire and determination, with the proper guidance, habitual thoughts will stop to arise, and the pure seeing will reveal empty nature of the one who sees, and maybe at the same time or later, empty nature of the world, and an empty nature of the desire too.

Seeing the truth of being does not mean you become desireless, doubtless, selfless ghost. It makes one see everything as an apparent phenomena that does not need to be eliminated, just seeing properly. This seeing changes one fundamentally. From the contracted, limiting living ruled by thoughts to it's natural expansion and allowing. Same guy, different way of being.

And the journey does not stop there. Desire is a desire to live, to create, to share, continues as long as it continues. It changes in it's focus. If before, desire presented itself as a desire for material goods, or even a desire for "my enlightenment", now desire is to explore, create, share, to give. The wish to eliminate desire is just a misconception, a subtle desire too! Desire purifies by itself when selflessness and emptiness is realized. And when time for it to completely be gone, it will be gone. And in reality nothing will change. The story of Ramana does not change anything in Reality.