Saturday, December 2, 2017

Healing the past. Clarity stages

From my own experiences of healing the past, I came to this outline of the main mind states.
  These are some of the possible mind states on the way to clarity in yourself in regards to some events in the past. You might be in the beginning, or might be in the later stages from this list, they are usually present for those who were engaged in some spiritual practices for long time. In any case, if you have any unresolved situation in the past, you can find where you are and what else is available to the mind to open to.  

Mind state "Victimhood"

When you remember details of the situation, people involved, emotions that were present, when you correlate what happened with who said what and what happened action-vise.  You have strong opinion who is right and who is wrong.  Main emotions you experience are: depression, anger, revenge, blame, shame

Mind state "Pain"

When you remember the general feeling of the situation and you remember people involved in it, but you do not really remember details or the conversations, you need to focus to recall when you asked about them, you don’t want to think about the past, the remembrance of it brings pain and mixed feelings

Mind state "Wonder"

When you remember the movement of energies and you do remember people involved, but you see them as a part of the collective energy movement, without a trace of personalities, regardless how strong impacting  the actions were at the time of the situation

Mind state "Appreciation"

When you remember the situation, and understand it's meaning, and you see it from total gratitude and feeling of a big gift that was given

Mind sate "Equanimity"

When you see the illusory nature of the situation, and people involved, and energies at play. The meaning fades, the timeframe does not exist, and what there left for you to abide in is the translucency of being

Mind state "Joy" 

As translucency you are free to focus into the character who rejoice in the living and breathing one more moment again, and has no judgment 

Mind state "Simplicity and humility"

You dive into the character without fear to be lost in it, without seeking any particular mind state, without preference for any special state of mind, living this very moment as is