Wednesday, April 4, 2018


As my partner needs to empty himself
from the energy of the sacral through the physical labor,
I need to empty my mind from the words and sentences
through the writing and poetry.
We are all different, and we need different practices.

Then we both can sit on the driftwood
swept ashore by the ocean, and listen.
Free from any disturbances in the organism,
we enter the space of quiet that holds the world together.
The sound of the ocean is an entryway.

We rest in the quiet behind the sound,
merging with the whole Creation.
We are not separate anymore. Where is the beginning
of my lover’s heart and the end of mine?
Nowhere to find!

Where are you really? Is there a certain boundaries
separating you from the rest of the world,
besides the boundaries of your body, which dissolve
as soon as you close your eyes and quiet the mind?!
You should really try this meditation.

Sitting still, without thinking, you will find you are expanding.
Keep that stillness and quiet, let the breath breath you.
Don’t freak out at this very moment, and don’t get overexcited,
You will scare the innocence, peeking behind the forms,
asking to be invited.