Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Cycles, Weather, Being

Everything in life has a cyclic nature. When I was young, I couldn’t really see it, this realization comes with living life longer. When I was in Gurgieff Way I really admired this strong woman Madame De Salzman, she became a matriarch in the Gurgieff Work after he died. She said once: "It is important to live long". The more I live, more I agree with this. She was saying this in regards to waking up, that long life naturally start to aid the awakening, especially if one is aiming for it.

One of the benefit of living is starting to notice cyclic nature of this reality. Some cycles are short, like our days and nights, or four major periods in a year, where we can see and experience change in nature. Some cycles are much longer, and one needs to live through a few of them to notice the change. What helped me to see the longer cycles in life is Vedic astrology. I have this peculiar mind which curious in any subject matter that might help with understanding how things work in this world, and I studied many of them. I never wanted to become a professional in a particular body of knowledge, any system, but I spent years looking into different modalities, trained in some of them, and still use some of them to get a quick snapshot of the energies present.

My mind is of integrative nature, it reads information from every possible direction, it notices many things simultaneously, most of the time it is a pure insight that I can't explain at first, with time I would see the structure of the insight, the more time passes, the more I would be able to explain. Cycles are one of the phenomenon my mind notices. One of the most known acknowledgment of cycles in life is this old saying: "This too shall pass". I lived the spontaneous change in mindstates so many times while sitting long Vipassana meditations and retreats, this is ingrained in me. The change is inevitable, and it is only the matter of time.

In Vedic astrology there is a teaching about energy cycles through human life, and these big cycles have many levels of smaller cycles. I have been following my own and other's people I guided, and every time it is sort of a miracle to me, I still can't take it as a given, it is so accurate, it blows my mind. I submit to the ancient wisdom of pointing us to cycles in life. I noticed it for so long that I can talk about it to you with confidence: when you are in despair and angst, just know that this will not be forever, this will change. So is the same with bliss, please do not assume that this is who you are and this is how you will live to the rest of this existence.

We are not any of these changes in nature, or in the mind: bliss or depression are not us, its more a weather of being, like a weather in nature. We are the same through any weather, any cycles, difficult or easy. Noticing the change helps not to identify with any particular point of life, just like aging doesn't change who you are. Newborn, young, adult, or old, you are the same being - these are just cycles in a human physical development, aren't they?

I see some of you going through difficult times right now, please do not despair. Please do not get involved with the mind so much so you loose the perspective. If your mind agitated already, remove yourself from mental activities, especially on social media, find a way to be more physical, engage body more, work with the earth, like gardening, or even take a physical job for a while. I did it myself when I took a job of a dishwasher in Esalen. Don't be afraid to loose a status or an image, it is only for a while, and you will gain a different perspective in life.

If you feel lethargic and dull in the mind, do not fill it in with random information on the internet, engage in the activities that balance body energies, so the brain is nourished and fueled better. Some movements like walking in the forest, on the beach, doing tai chi or yoga, will harmonize and refresh gently without overstimulation and burn out cycles.

If you are in bliss, share it. Share freely through the heart and mind, hug as many humans as possible, dance with them, celebrate yourself and everyone who comes by. Spread bliss onto the world, include others in it. The most important is do not get high on your own amaze-ball-ness as it is a permanent state of being, stay in a humble wonder.

Just simply be you through any weather, and help others see that in themselves as well 💓