Friday, January 25, 2019

It is never too late to wake up !

Never too late to wake up, my friend!
Close your eyes, sink into the darkness of the absence of the visual input.
Find the moment between the in-breathe and out-breath, 
sink into that pause.  Relax physicality, just let go of the constantly held tensions.

Notice the silence.  It is so deep and nurturing, it is almost calling you in,
constantly, without any demand.
You might open your eyes, without attachment to any images around, 
rest with your eyes open, in the same nurturing silence.

You might notice that sounds happen without your participation.
You might notice that visual field is just there.
You might notice that you are actually more noticing, a witness, 
then the person you are.

See that for you to hear no need to do "hearing”.
For you to see, no need to do "seeing”, for you to feel, no need to do "feeling”.  All your life you thought you need to do, nope, it’s just happening. 
In the sea of hearing, seeing, feeling, there is this noticing, witnessing.

I know, this might sounds like too far fetch to grasp it,
but I do not ask you to understand, or figure out, this does not work this way.  It is more resting the thinking mind, and see what’s there, 
besides its constant tension, chatter, and suggestions.

Gosh, this is the simplest things of all, and this is the hardest at the same time.  Since early age we are conditioned to look at the world 
through the thinking mind, a narrow prism, and it insures we live in the illusion of who we are.  Illusion of a separate me living in the world of separate objects. 

It is never to late to wake up. 
It can happen any time, any moment! 
Why? Because there is nothing needs to be created anew, 
nothing to be added in terms of knowledge, do not look for it in the books.  
The narrow prism through which we perceive the world needs to dissolve.

It is never too late, my friend, to recall who you are besides this body and the brain.  It is never reclaim the fullness of you.  It is never too late to really see who you are, to know.  You just need a burning desire for the truth, thats all you need.  And it is also not your personal choice, not a mundane curiosity of the mind.

Then what it is?  It is a mystery, my friend.  The thirst for truth comes from the depth of the being, it is the longing.  Can you do longing, or it happens by itself?  It does.  At some point in human life this great longing for who we are descends, and there is no way you will dismiss it, until it is fulfilled. 

You might mistaken this longing for wanting better relationships, better job, healthier, stronger body, more connections, more things, more stuff, better stuff.   This happens often when we do not know why we still unhappy, still longing, in spite of all the stuff and the relationships we accumulated.

The nagging feeling, learn to recognize it.  It is calling you to yourself.  It is calling you home.  The home that is always there, you separated from it only by the prism of narrow perception.  Again, sink in, relax, and notice what’s there.

The body tensions, breathing, thoughts - this constant movement that holds attention, let it be.  No need to follow that, let it do what it does, you just be here.  Notice that you are alone, or not, in pain, or not, emotional, or not,
There is an awareness of it.  Of being alone, of pain, or of emotion.

This tiny fact of something being aware of anything thats happening just now is underestimated and devalued by the thinking mind.  To the degree of absolute denial.  And here is, my friend, where you turn the prism, turn the attention there.  What happens next…

Perhaps just nothing.  The thinking mind is too strong to hold the prism in one direction.  Do not despair, do not give up, just practice turning the attention.  Thats all it is, no matter where you are and what you do, just for a moment stop, and turn attention to yourself, the silent witness.

I want to warn you here of the tension.  If you strain your eyes, or jaws, or  body, then this is “doing”, and it is again, is run by thinking mind.  What I am taking is more like a glance rather then looking, it's momentary recognition of what is always here.

You read or listen to me now, what do you do for this?  Absolutely nothing.
In fact, you can’t undo the listening or seeing.  The mind offering suggestions what is happening: “you doing it”, “you are the doer”. 
But can you see that listening does happen before you even say: “I listen”.

This “I” precedes every sentence, it’s a prism.  Everything is happening, and then the “I” comes in and make it solid.  Concrete and separated from the rest. Illusion we live in.  Wake up, my friend, turn the attention to yourself, the being you are, the consciousness, the silent witness.  Just ditch the prism. Remember who you are.

It doesn’t mean at all that you be formless ghost, form happens in this world, 
it’s nature of existence.  The human being you are is like a costume 
for who you are. Unlimited, Unbound, Witnessing Awareness...