Saturday, August 10, 2019

Wake Up! The timing is perfect.

Growing in depth of knowing, embodying it deeper and deeper, I appear in all kinds of ways, and sometimes not in the best light, and sometimes as I am on a top of the world. Know that both of these does not affect my focus. The perspective of others, though can be hurtful or supportive in the moment, does not really make any difference in the intent of this living being doing what she is here to do. Wake up to your own truth and you will be liberated from the smallness of your daily concerns and fears, trying to please others in all kinds of ways just to get by in this life. Wake up to your work in this lifetime, to revelation of what you are and doing here, what you are here to give to the world. Wake up! At least FEEL now strongly you really want to wake up. The timing is perfect.