Wednesday, March 4, 2020

No choice!

Its an amazing times to be alive and live every inch of it!!🙏 This is not your average in-the-middle of a cycle times, when everything starts the same and ends the same. You start life in one unfathomable for the human mind epoch and you end in the other 💥 The intense changes to the energies, human mind, entire human race, Nature, the environment on the planet and ALL are EPIC!! People, please do not think something wrong with you. You are not alone, not only one, and not just you: if you experience deep intensity of feelings of ALL kinds - these are the times of extreme intensity in feeling for ALL humanity! The intensity is the key. Feeling is a lock...we are unlocking the FEELING. You do have a choice. You can choose intense feeling of compassion, love, appreciation, eagerness to live, joy of creativity OR you can choose fear, anxiety, guilt, shame, envy... I know I sound like it's easy, and oh, I know it is not, but people, there is NO CHOICE in expanding in FEELING at these times. So which one you intend to be a carrier of ?