Sunday, March 22, 2020

Free yourself from fear

ARE YOU IN FEAR THESE DAYS? Then read this message to the end.

Waking up to the reality of who one is beyond LIMITED perception of being a small separate human allows to operate in this world WITHOUT FEAR. When you locked into the perception of who you are as a person you know yourself and that's all your mind have access to, in the times of CRISIS you locked into fear, you react and make decisions from fear. FREE YOURSELF from the limited perception and you will free yourself from fear, your eyes will open to many parts of this human world you were not able to see. In times like these you will continue to walk with dignity and a smile, and help others in many ways. Yes, I am peddling "Buddha on a Bull: Practical Approach to Enlightenment" book, but not because it is my book, I have to tell you I don't even feel it's mine, I feel as I am just helping it to get to the right hands and READY minds. I would love to be released from it already, but it has its own life and INTENT. And that intent is to take one on a journey and at the end give them a chance to WAKE UP - to wake up to a different perception of who one is, to wake up to themselves as Conscious Awareness. With Buddha on a Bull the possibility of a dramatic change in how one sees themselves is real. Sudden release of the limited identity or preparation to dump it any moment is REAL. You can free yourself from living in FEAR by dropping limited identity you unknowingly hold on to. How To described step by step in a book. There is no guarantee, but there is a chance for anyone who is ready.
Buddha on a Bull: Practical Approach to Enlightenment is on Amazon WORLDWIDE.