Wednesday, April 8, 2020


"Tell me I am an old guy and Corona virus is gonna come and get me. I just get healthier. Screw you!" 
~ Robert Kiyosaky

There are many people who afraid to get sick and die. People are choosing to be blind that it is treatable and that treatment is widely available in a forms of megadose of Vit C, Quinine+Zinc, and basically it is anything that can boost your own immunity to any virus, this one or any in a future.
People choose to walk in all kinds of plastic aquanaut costumes so outside air would not penetrate the plastic barrier, while all kind of viruses are inside already, and if you are weak, they gonna get the perfect breading material - your own cells. Even if you inhale the virus, drink hot/warm drink often (like lemon/ginger tea or etc) and it will take the virus down the drain where stomach acid will kill it. How you can drink often if you constantly closing your nose and mouth?

Anyone who is scared to die, start to really live now. Make every moment important. If you sit at home in anxiety you are wasting your life. Notice every breath, every movement be conscious, every thought - listen as you listening to a radio, then when you are not too fused with your thoughts, try to switch the channel: engage in something meaningful, something that makes you interested, alive. Live a day like that, then you can die, at least you lived, and not in your head 🙏

As I wrote before, for those who missed it:

Fear is the most contagious virus, created right here, in your own head. Boost your immunity to it, do not breed it, do not pass it on, do not get ill with scare-city! Stay in your heart, you are divine powerful human being, not a programmable biological material 🙏

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