Friday, December 27, 2013

The value of Strong Emotions in recognizing our True Nature

People sometimes think that peacefulness is a sign of progression in liberation from suffering, but for true peacefulness mind state can be taken in artificially created conditions (cushioned, predictable environment) that does not disturb deeply seated kleshas/conditioning. In fact, running away from facing the deepest emotions is only running away from liberation. 

As Tulku Urgyen explains:
"The stronger and more forceful the disturbing emotions are, the greater the potential for recognizing our original is in fact that at the very moment we are strongly caught up in thought forms or in the surging waves of an emotion, of anger, for instance, it is much easier to recognize the naked state of awareness. This of cause is not the case when one has trained in a very tranquil, placid state  of meditation where there no thoughts and negative emotions. Then, due to what is called "the soft pleasure", it is actually much more difficult to recognize the true state of non dual mind...Conversely, experiencing great despair, great fear, and intense worry can be a much stronger support for practice."

From my own experience I can say, the recognition of the true nature, Seeing, the View, happened in long silent retreat out of great desperation and applied effort. Pointing people to selfless nature, emptiness of things, also showed me the value of the energy in a strong emotion. Sometimes the inquirer would lack concentration or be caught up in analyzing, thinking. I had to evoke emotion in the inquirer by various means, including strong foul language.  I know, kindness is in a favor in Liberation Unleashed now and my personal work, but skillfully evoking strong emotion and creating conditions for insight into the true nature, is a highest form of kindness in a teacher/a guide, as I see it.