Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Parting with someone significant

I am noticing one particular scenario
in my life story
releasing it's grip in the past two years,
one old relationship at a time.

It took years for both of us to see this is the end,
this is it, right now we arrived.
It came to a point that it hurts both of us
to continue to move in the same direction,
it is time to let go.

Disillusionment that always present
in letting go of the old, is painful.
For me it feels more as "intense" then "painful",
still, you understand me,
it is not the usual every day
dealings with people.

It is an apex of your karmic involvement with someone,
and you done a great job for each other.
The harder it was at the end especially,
the better job was done, can you see it?
The roles were played perfectly!
Worthy of the Oscar nomination!

And so in parting now,
no explanations needed.
I SEE you, my Dharma friend!!
I wish you light on your path,
and wonderful companions to walk along with,
easy terrain, and clarity of the mind.

Anything that will be explained at this point
about relationship and the break up
is not quite right,
doesn't matter how much one tries.
I tried enough times just to learn to shut up,
and let it be as it is.

It is because the explanations are on the level of events,
and the parting with Dharma friend
is deeper then events in the scenario.
So just let it be unexplained,
let it be how it is, even if it feels messy,
not nice, and not pretty.

Even if they try to hold on to you,
leave. Be as gentle as possible, but leave.
You know exactly when,
if you don't, then it's not a time yet,
you still have some scenes
to be together in, see it is simple...

I have written on this topic before in various articles,
every time it comes out a little different,
every time one more reader gets it,
they needed just this little difference in writing
to resonate fully with the words,

and understand a deeper meaning.

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