Monday, August 27, 2018

Sharing and connecting

I receive sometimes from you, my friends, letters of appreciation. Some of them are longer and some very short, but I want to tell you, I appreciate all of them greatly, they do help me to continue to share. I would write anyways, but if I not know it helps others, I probably won't post. I would talk to close to me few people, work with people who contact me for personal consultation, write in my own computer, but sharing on this blog and my Facebook page almost every day for so many years would die out by now, if I not know by your messages that my voice resonates with some of you who read these posts year after year, or who connect with them at times. The recent message I received: "Your writings mean and do a lot for me", basically the meaning behind all your messages, and I deeply appreciate your expression to me, people 💞
Here is how to reach me, if you want to connect: 

You can write to me private message on Facebook.

You can write to me email to the address on gmail that has a name of my blog: CompleteHumanity.

I want to hear how my writings help now, or helped you in a past, or maybe you just like to read it because it resonates with your experience, maybe you feel like my friend and I don't know it, please let me know! Thank you so much for taking a time and writing to me!
With gratitude, Elena ✍