Thursday, August 23, 2018

Contemplation on Imperfection

My writings are so imperfect, and more then that, I just publish it on my blog as is -- imperfect, raw, something that would be absolutely embarrassing for most writers!  I pondered on it too, you know, I was what we call "perfectionist" before, and as a perfectionist and someone who learnt English as an adult, I couldn’t write anything perfect, so I didn’t write at all. And then I discovered that I can be imperfect, and my writings too, and instead now I have a blog full of writings that helped many people around the world who connected with it! 

What if this very imperfection is something important?  What if the reader feels the intensity of my own struggle with bringing forth insight with only this choice I've got in terms of language?  What if this very feeling they get from almost every my writing is the feeling of courage -- courage to express myself to the world in the way I can?  What if any other subject I am talking about in a post or an article is already held and carried by this energy of courage?  

Those who connect with my writings, they connect wit me on a deeper level, as though we are in a satsang -- meeting in truth -- we are vulnerable as human beings and not limited to the humanness at the same time.  We hold the humanness with care, we see it’s innocence, and allow it to be in any way it can be, without judgments or expectations. In that freedom we suddenly find ourselves as bare awareness, and our humanness is no problem anymore. 
This is the alchemy I am participating in.