Saturday, August 18, 2018

After Transcendent, Growing Up!

This one is very raw, but I don't have energy to make it better then it came out, so here it is:

We are so "evolve and awake"
that it is hard to actually be your own face,
we now have "an awake face" which hide behind itself 

your unresolved childhood, how convenient!

We went through life carrying that childhood
in believes, feelings, actions, that felt not true,
but we did not know what is true,
so we just kept hiding behind "nice" and "it's ok".

Awakening is not a mask to hide behind,
if it is not a mind trip, awakening will leave one bare.  

All the masks get cracked right through the middle, 
the pieces fall for everyone in presence to observe! 

Yes, there is a time to re-orient yourself, my friend,
you got the rest of this lifetime for that, no hurry!
But please do not put a new mask of "awake"
on your wonderfully fresh and unique face!

Know that you are porous now, 

not much needed from you, just to hang on
and go by your business.  
Everything not true in you 
will percolate through the pores of your being in time.

It may take a month, a year, or a few! Yes,
awake is not a saint! It is the same human with enlarged pores!
Awakening is an event that leaves the human very vulnerable,
though it depends on a skin type. Please smile here! 😊

See, after years of living an awakened perspective
you might come to an event where you have to step up
from behind perspective into the Being,

and see that it is not ok what was ok before!

And it is solely your mess, no one tied you,
no one held you hostage, they actually were hinting you 

all the time: "Look, I am not nice to you!  I am here to play my part, so you give up that fear, love" I am your Dharma friend!

They are here as a major help in the disillusionment,
and the longer you hold on to them, the longer you gonna sweat through the enlarged pores like a pig, d
oes it resonate?  
At least a bit?  Or maybe I made you smile! 😄

Our Dharma friends will make everything not ok,

or at least something, but you will keep disregarding the clues, 
the signs, sometimes the clear messages, the feeling!
You hold all at bay, keep being polite, keep smiling.

Then one day you grow up, 

you tell them what you actually feel, and that you got it! 
Something that wasn't possible before, is now clear.  
Being a pig for some long time helps! Believe me! 😉

We all are Dharma friends, partners, sisters, brothers,
and it is mutual support we give each other
in this strange way, but it works! Like 1000 pieces puzzle

that can be completed only by interlocking all the pieces.

The same in Maya.