Saturday, October 6, 2018

Are you afraid to loose an awakening?

My friend, what to run away from?  What to be afraid to loose?
You are what Knows, what Aware.  You are THAT.
Relax into the humanness, do not hold on to the transcendent.
Holding on keeps you in a perpetual solidifying memories of transcendent states,
not living in this moment, not playing and enjoying life as is.

If you do not aware you are THAT at this very moment, it is only means
you dove into the feelings deep,  into the character that is taking the stage,
but you never lost yourself,  it is just an illusion of being lost.
How the actor can be lost, but for a time when playing wholeheartedly that role?
Sometimes he needs a glass of water, a walk, a mirror to look to bring him back to who he is.

You can enjoy the stage, the act.  Relax into the role.
The play is not forever,  it has an end.  It also has some changing acts,
where you can see between the roles you play, reminding yourself of who you are.
Isn't the best actor awards are given to those who forget that they are playing, and we forget with them, immersed into the scene, living it?!

Perhaps it is possible not to dive in the character that deep at times,
or maybe not for long.  But if it happens to be deep enough, have no fear, friend!
Attention is a vector of Awareness.  It can be pointed, directed, practiced.
When actor takes a role and step onto the stage, he is directing his attention
to the feelings, thoughts of character he plays.  At anytime he can direct attention to himself
and know who he is.