Monday, October 8, 2018

Is it difficult to look in the eyes?

I received the letter from a young woman asking about her difficulties in looking straight into people's eyes.  This is so common, and I know this pull to hide firsthand.  I wrote in a way that would hopefully resonate with her, and maybe it will be helpful for someone else.

Is it difficult to look in the eyes of another and you take them away? Perhaps you do not feel there is enough space 
between you two for you to be yourself. 

Therefore you contract, even slightly, into a role 
that doesn’t fit quite perfectly, rather it is limiting, shrinking role, that your being can’t accept anymore as a good outfit.

In the limiting perception of yourself, you do not see
the fullness of who you are, and you afraid the other also see you 
in limitation, as you see yourself, which is exactly how it works.

Make sure every time you face someone to talk, you establish your body upright, 
inhale deeply and open your shoulders.  Feel the empowerment, 
feel your place here in this lifetime as much valid and important as anyones, without exceptions. 

Your presence is precious, just like anyone else’s, as much.
Your wellbeing is beneficial to this world like everyone’s else, no doubt. Your attention is focused energy,  just like in every other human being.
Remember this, re-group yourself as soon as you caught yourself 
not seeing yourself in fullness of who you are.

Can you see that from this embrace from your own worth and uniqueness, 
from your own presence, your light, your fullness, you do not need to take your eyes elsewhere, but look straight with openness, love, compassion, interest and curiosity…