Thursday, January 2, 2020

What we want is Wholeness

The era of seeking enlightenment is going away. It was a certain dynamic in a human consciousness for the times it has been, but it is really about wholeness. And I am sorry, anyone who is holding on and craving transcendent experiences and disregard real but outdated dynamics of their personality, will be not happy at the end.
Sometimes I look back on my life and I am amazed where I put my focus on! I was so hard-core spiritual seeker, with tens thousands of meditation hours, just because I was so lost in the mind conditioning and I never was myself. I thought I was me, but I wasn't. Sounds familiar? It is a paradox that took me all my life to solve in myself that almost drained my life energy completely, and I am still alive here to help a few others to uncover their true original face and relax in their being.
I will be less public, because I am settling more and more within myself, and I am sort of a recluse until I am called in. I created an amazing website ( where you always can connect with me in different ways, or if curious, find what I am up to in the moment.