Tuesday, January 28, 2020

How I use Human Design System in my work with spiritual seekers

I have been asked by many what is Human Design system that I use in some of my coaching.  The best way for me to explain is to post this explanation from my website http://elenanezhinsky.com/:

Endorsement of Human Design by spiritual teacher Adyashanti :
"... By unraveling the confusing and paradoxical elements of our unique human design, we can come into a clear understanding of the human vehicle through which our true nature as universal spirit is functioning.”
Human Design is an extremely accurate and in depth way of explaining the subtle nature of human interaction.  It is the merger between Astrology, I Ching, Kabbalah and the Chakra System (all in one system of looking at human energy mechanics); It’s a system that allows people to learn the best ways to enter situations and make decisions in life.  The simple map to true self love.

I found Human Design system profoundly beneficial in my own life, and I have been studying this professionally. 
This is a mentoring session where I synergistically incorporate Human Design, Behavioral psychology and non-dual awareness view.  I am open to work with anyone who still struggle with the old character tendencies. We will look where do you still live conditioned responses. You might be aware of it or not, but nevertheless, it's a driving mechanism in your life. You probably still making incorrect decisions, creating more of the same conditioned life to deal with later. 

Human Design can be the most profound clarifying tool. My way of bringing it is simple! It is free from intellectual information and technicalities that only will entertain the mind. My intent is to offer you practical way of very simple behavioral modifications you can experiment with, that will lead to notice, understand and let go of conditioned mind tendencies, and overtime lead to correct alignment of energies, freedom, and innate wisdom of individuated consciousness.

painting by Nadezhda Mitskevich