Tuesday, January 14, 2020

Whatsup coming in Spirituality in a new decade ?

One of the meaning of
whatsup: what's happening? (Urban slang dictionary) Going forward it is all about you living who you are. Not who you think you are, or who you think you want to be, not who you used to be, no! It's living who you came here to be. The one that you don't like right now, because you can't just let it live itself, you are trying to transcend it, or fix it! Its not about fixing what is not broken, it't not about leaving behind what you can't leave. It's about exhausting your effort not to love yourself.
Either you get to this love to yourself using this modality or that modality, this technique or that, either you go deep and examine part by part, or you just get tired of being fake and dislike yourself, and let it all go in one big swoop, you will have to do it, friend. It's like if you came to Russian sauna ('banya' in Russian), you would have to undress, you can't go into the heat with your fur coat on, or your pants on, or even your underwear...you have to strip everything. Ha, I got too passionate about Russian banya here, in public one you do wear a bathing suit :) But still, the environment requires to undress to the minimum, expose yourself in public, you like it or not!

Same will be going forward, this decade will be a strip down, you can't walk into a new environment wearing all your fears like a thick fur coat, you will get too hot. The era of trying to work on the mind to bring it to transcendence is going away, because it is easier and easier to transcend the mundane state of mind into more higher states, nothing special here! There are so many different technologies available for that: from advanced meditation techniques that were only available to a few before, now it s a weekend workshop! And if you add all kinds of psychedelic technologies available almost every week in and around every major city in the world for people who gather in circles to transcend the mind! Add here non-duality that was only available to a few ready minds that were wiling to travel to India and kneel before the guru to touch their feet, because their thirst for truth was bigger then feeling ashamed! Now it is available for everyone who can type: hundreds of sites, thousands of teachers and guides in non-dual awakening techniques! See, tsunami wave of the awakening to higher consciousness through the techniques and methods coming to it's peek here!

"So what will be instead?", you will ask! Here I have to make a little disclaimer. I really don't know, I do not see the future, but I have this habit of knowing things before they come, about 7 years or so in advance (and I can be correct or incorrect). So I see authenticity and realness completely taking a central focus, not spiritual search, trying to go beyond the limitation of the mind. This will be happening naturally when we start to really radically be ourselves: unique and real. Consciousness will raise and flower with authenticity. Naturally, harmoniously. And what is required from us is to leave behind old fears, shame and all kinds of mind fixations - outdated, hidden, but still shaping and driving our experience, even if we are so advance in meditation and spiritual inquiry! We have to strip the old and love ourselves as we are. Right now. With all the imperfections, without mind judgment, there is our uniqueness will unveil itself! We start to come home to ourselves and to the love, from just being naked, as we came to this world, pure and innocent, without shame.

This will take the focus in the next decade, as I see it. I am not sure about new people who are coming now, but I am talking about my generation and several generations around this age. We all grew up altered, with fear etched in the mind like it was made with engraver on the wood, I remember from childhood that tool! So we have to take a serious sand paper and start sanding! Not transcending, but sanding! 😉