Tuesday, January 21, 2020

Loving Yourself and Recognizing your Role

"Love yourself" offering from the wise ones is underestimated, and almost impossible with all the mind conditioning that still drives self-hatred self-doubt, un-worthiness, looking up to others. This is the prime focus of my work now with people. Not mind transcendence, but self-love. Loving yourself, seeing yourself, recognizing yourself, feeling comfortable in your own skin. And we have no clue what it is really. We look for awakening as a transcendence, because we dislike ourselves so much, because we suffer to live in our own form, we just want to drop it all together! It doesn't work this way. Until you drop this body completely, you are bound to ride in this suit here. You can't drop the suit, you need to find your ROLE here in this life, and in this very suit. Recognize your role, and serve what you are here came to live. This is different kind of awakening, fully embodied clarity of who you are here. There is no problem with any inch of you, you just need to know how to serve with what you've got. When I say "serve" - it is simply living with recognition of what you came here to live. With that recognition you serve the Whole. When you see who you are and why you are as you are, love for yourself and everything that shaped you for your unique role here, will spring from within. Would you even ask questions that do not matter and spend your life chasing mind transcendence carrot, if you love and respect yourself, your life, your role here? If you are seen and recognized by others in your essence? Would you be concerned with conceptual awakening, if you live your life as yourself, fully?