Friday, January 24, 2020

Some Reflections and a New movement

Some sharing from clients: "There continues to be a cascading effect of transformation for me." ~ S.

"This was pure, real and true" ~ C

"It's worth so much more than I imagined" ~ J

"A couple of sticky issues dissolved almost instantly" ~ S

"Elena pointed out what was at the core" ~ R

"my life just changed on a dime...this is probably the most pivotal thing that's happened to me since awakening in 2012" ~ D.

"A little bit scary, but truly amazing and freeing" ~ M

"There’s a mastery of getting there, of focusing us, tuning me back to myself" ~ E

"She connected and she listened with all her being" ~ P

"Elena, does not waste words or time." ~ D

"Magic is probably the best word for it." ~ S

"It was relaxing, enjoyable, and actually a lot of fun" ~ J

"The simplicity of the process allows Elena’s natural intuitive and psychic gifts to come into play" ~ F

"I briefly felt a bit uncomfortable not carrying around all my crap, and then I just felt lighter, and very, very quiet" ~ R

"I’m a changed man.." ~ M

"profound effects are so grounding!" ~ JH

"Elena brings the spiritual search into the realm of being human" ~ Z

"Elena sees you and through all of your bullshit. She helps you laugh about it!" ~ S

"your generous heart, your power and your childlike spirit which are so refreshing!" ~ Je

"The discovery experience with Elena was more powerful and self revealing than anything I have ever done before" ~ C

"This happened so organically and it feels so right" ~ SF

"I feel pretty speechless about our session" ~ A

"It feels to me as I had 30 years of psychotherapy in a couple of sessions." ~ SA

"Just feels so good to be free!" ~ A

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