Sunday, August 23, 2020

We stroll together

If you are unaware of child trafficking and how politicians are controlled by pedophilia, but successfully diverting your attention by instilling various fears and social memes to affect your mind, you don't have to look up, but you might throw up sometimes later when your senator or state official gives details in court how he engaged in these acts with little kids, without even his wife being aware of it. Of cause we all were unaware, thats fine to be unaware when the information is suppressed, how would we know about these things? We are not responsible when we don't know, but still it doesn't mean it's not affecting us, look where we are right now with our social environment. Yes, we are not responsible, but we were rolling by default into this. Whoever takes orders from officials right now without second thought is not responsible, they are oblivious and in complete denial, but it doesn't mean they won't end up in totalitarian society just like anyone else who is aware and does something to prevent this. It will be much more shocking for unaware to discover these things later on, the shock can be various in effect too, so we will see how it goes. Sometimes generation die out in denial, the level of denial is thick and spread through generations very deep. So we'll see how it goes.

Since I write mostly for people in spiritual circles, who ask me how to behold what's going on on a human level and the ultimate freedom human being able to tap into, how to marry these two without going kookoo or abandoning the intent for ultimate goal of enlightenment? I would say, start from finding your own autonomy as a human being, find your center of gravity here, feel your heart, see yourself as unique individual that is valid in all the regards like anyone else, equally equipped to play this human game, otherwise you won't be here. Can you see the significance of this firm life-giving understanding, how precious and capable you are? Everything else, all other inquiries and findings has to come from this very firm place in yourself, then you won't be swayed by anyone else's ideas of you and will be not submissive and conforming so much that your eyes, mind and heart would be shut.

Finding freedom is not intellectual endeavor, though it can start with mind opening to the bigger perspective, it has to land into the whole being, trickle down to the cells, transforming one on all levels of being. When you transformed on a deepest level you can behold any of the human happenings and you can serve as a troubadour, a guide, a leader to others, so take your time and do the inner work first before you jump to help others, otherwise you will be troubadour right out of your own conditioning.

While you are working on your own heart and mind, look around who resonates, and become their companions, not followers, but walk with them until you don't resonate, no attachment, just pure walk through life as friends through the park. I have a few companions, we stroll through these life's visisitudes, supporting each other just being near by and keeping the smile while we are strolling through knowing more and more about this very environment we live in these bodies. We learn about corruption, greed, destructions, deception, lies, we understand that this is what's happening and some of us choose to talk about it, and some of us choose to help in a different way. This is not the mind that chooses, we came here with a specific intent which is unfolding as our life here right now, and we just take the mind out of the way of that intent. Look for who likes my posts through thin and thick and you will know who stroll with me. Not many, but its enough, and we smile to each other through the globe