Saturday, August 29, 2020

How many of us fell into this trap?

Paraphrased from the book: sister is a nun, she follows and supports Dalai Lama. It doesn't mean she is poor, she invested in gold, real-estate and other assets to support her mission. (by Robert Kiyosaki)

These kind of revelations not new to me anymore, but still I am shocked to know more and more that there are smart people in spirituality that did not go broke to follow their path, while so many did, trading their financial success for spiritual journey as it is two negating each other paths. How many of us fell into this trap? A lot. So I don't want anyone be blind anymore about it. All your big spiritual teachers are not poor, they actually created business models for themselves that work. They have high paid personal and business coaches, and you choose not to see that, giving your last money to be close to them and listen to their advice because you are still in that mode where you need an authority to guide you, mommy to hold your hand, or dad to scold you, or whatever the trip of your conditioned mind is. This is why I recorded on my Youtube channel ~50 videos in a month of June, pointing relentlessly to the conditioning that can be present in the minds of awake to various degrees seekers. Because I do care about my fellow companions on a path, and you might choose to benefit from it, or judge me, whatever floats your boat 🙏 ❤