Sunday, August 7, 2011

How Established Spiritual Path Keeps People Locked in Search

I was about to delete this post. And I explain you why. Basically, Headless Way on Facebook deleted and blocked me and some other people to access their group. Including my friend who wrote this testimonial for them. Why? Because with Direct Pointing you get free from life long search in a matter of days, or hours. Headless organization  wants to keep people watching and doing the experiments, feeling "expanded, nice feeling in the body and out", and keep you doing it to the rest of your physical life. Mr. Harding developed this method to see into the nature of being, but as with many authentic in the beginning teaching, it looses it's edge with people taking the path as a life long endeavor to perfect the self. I have no doubt that Mr. Harding was a free man, if we can put it in this way, and if he would see that direct pointing helps people to become free, would he oppose? Hell, no! But the Headless organization that is built after his departure, of cause, needs to protect itself - so they are like snipers - they delete and ban everyone who has a head to raise, and they do it from safe undisclosed location - probably somewhere on the computer in Australia or UK :) So they ban this man too, who actually wrote this post. I will leave this post for the benefit of others who will find headless experiments helpful in looking for the truth while working with direct pointing. 

So here is the post:

I got a letter today from my friend Boris, who's journey is here:
 Burning Imaginary "I"

Lena privet (Hi, Elena),
I would like to share with you my experience that you might want to use when you are helping others to see "no self".

When you emailed me, "Boris, I am done", even though I've known you for a while, my first reaction was that you were fooling yourself or just simply lost your mind. 
After many years of searching through tons of reading, daily yoga  practicing with one of the best teachers in the country, practicing vipassana meditation - going to best and very intense retreats in the country, my mind was already made up that what was looking for would not happen in this life time, but thanks to your persistence, I started looking at RT. At first glance it still looked very suspicious and I didn't like the harshness as well as colorful language everybody used in this forum. But now i see the huge benefit from it: If I still react to "mthefker", it means that "I" is still there.

When you asked me to look, I was  trying to see something...  something big, magical..  something kind of mystical.  Its silly right?, But this is what was happening at that moment.  I just want to mention the most critical things that helped me to see "no self" so you can apply them in your work with others.

 1. When you told me to do this simple exercise  with "Santa Clause" or "Spider Man", I dont really remember which character you choose for me, but it worked well.
As soon as we began our work, information started bombarding me from different directions and lots of help was falling upon me from different sources. I'm just going to mention few that were really helpful for me, and, in a way for you, by making your job easier.
Releasing the Ego - Part 1  -
Releasing the Ego - part 2  -
Stepping Into The Void -
The World Flows Through You  -

Once I was finally able to see that self is just an illusion, the next biggest help for me was reading this article.

For some reason I don't feel comfortable calling this an enlightenment, as I don't know what an enlightenment is anymore but this small shift is continually makes a huge impact on me every single day. Life is just Living!

Much love and endless thanks for helping me out of the kindness of your heart.
Your friend Boris.