Tuesday, July 31, 2018

How beautiful fear is!

How beautiful fear is!  
In one split second the body contracts 
without having received any mentoring how to do it,
is that right?

Suddenly you become acutely aware
of the body boundaries,
as a second ago you mostly were in the head.
Spontaneous return to Here!

Fear ignites the heart, and it runs faster,
almost like a sports car drive that takes your breath away 
when you are on a winding road.
Nothing else matters.

Your ears hear the slightest sounds
and your eyes become like a night vision device.
You feel through the skin with
heightened senses.

Let go of an idea of fear 
being something we need to get rid of.
It's a nature's mechanism
for survival.

Surely fear come not only
when danger is physically here.
It also comes when we perceive danger

It is a story of a danger in the head, not the real danger.  
But the brain reacts to real or imaginary danger
by releasing signals to the organism to survive,
just in the same way.

It sends signals of warning through the whole system,
and the body contracts, senses heightened, heart races.
Stop and look around you, seriously, look.
You have to show the body that there is no danger around.

If you find yourself in fear suddenly,
or you are having panic attack, turn your head,
let the body see that around is no danger.
It's all fine.

Let eyes see the world around you. Inhale.
Point the mind see the world, not imagine. Exhale.
There is no reason for fear in this very moment,
the body can soften.

A softened, relaxed body will accommodate calming.
Suddenly the attention is not just in the head, 
and not in the body solely, it has expanded, 
it allows more space for the fear 
to just be an energy.

Fear, that given a space, is beautiful.
Raw feeling of intensity rushing through the physicality,
like a palpable intensity in the air before the storm.
So powerful!

Can you see how much energy is in this feeling?
Don't you feel alive without any reasons? Just as here, now, 
breathing space, magnificent Being-ness you are, 
never a  victim!