Thursday, July 12, 2018

The Gate

How many years you are walking toward the gate of awakening?
You know, it doesn’t really matter! One year, or five, or twenty.
You thought the more you walk, the closer you are,
whether in reality, you are spinning the wheels.
You can walk out from the labyrinth in no time,
and it also can take ages of walking 
around and around.

Once I made a collage from the images I cut out from magazines,
and I placed the image of myself on an image of a labyrinth,
where in the center of it was my book - the one that I am writing now.
For couple of years of that collage on my wall
I was doing everything possible: from being a guide, a teacher,
to being a dishwasher, a cook, a lover, a traveler - I did everything else, 
but not writing a book!

One day I looked at that image and I recognised myself
walking around that labyrinth for years,
what a sudden revelation from a silly cut out images!
It is also true for a spiritual seeker who goes around and around
with a false sense of progression, until they see their helplessness.
Then it is a real possibility to get out. You walk through the gate,
and you  B E G I N  to live it.