Thursday, July 26, 2018

Adult rite of passage

If you are not limited to one particular role, you can play anything. Remember how it was when you played with your buddies in a sandbox? You did not come to sandbox every day to play an excavator, you played an excavator if your friend played that he is digging a tunnel and need help, and you both liked to play. The next day you played a builder, because you were with the other kids who were building a castle. Then you played a prince or princess who lived in this castle, everyone were playing someone, so you joined too, why not? Then you all played the soldiers in a war and destroyed the castle. And when you got enough, you just left. As adults we get squeezed in one costume, or couple, and we just keep playing this particular role we are playing. Doesn't matter we like it or not, we do not know it is a role, we think it is us, and we must be it. Our environment supports this role by now, and no one really wants you to change it, everyone has their own benefit from you wearing it. The closest people to you will oppose the most if you try to change, because it will require them to change as well, you will threaten their safety ground. It is a rite of passage to change and transform, wake up and live from your own truth in the middle of established structured adult life. Honour your courage to return to more life, joy and spontaneity in you by not being squeezed into an old role, and also be patient that others might not support you wholeheartedly, just because they are not ready for these changes in themselves yet.