Wednesday, July 18, 2018

To my fellow traveler friend!

I completely re-done my blog Complete Humanity.
When I started this blog I worked with people with the process called direct pointing guidance to selflessness, and my earlier posts mostly are documented conversations with people in this alchemical process. There is nothing intellectual in those conversations, they aim to shut down linear thinking mind and open the inquirer to presence of being. I was led by the fire energy that came out from my own awakening and desire to help others. This is how Bodichitta (Wikipedia) spontaneously awakened in me to "my own" liberation and liberation of "others" with deep realisation of the illusion of separateness.  

If you ever come across the foul language in my older posts, please don't be surprised, I used it as a shocking agent. This is how fire energy was channeled as a skilful means. I do not do it anymore, I softened through the years of maturation and integration of awakening. I write mostly about inner alchemies of sinking deeper into humanness with awake perspective. My writings are not linear, not sequential, not even consistent, because they come from me when I touched by people's inquiries, or my own. I offer an exploration of authentic living, I am not shy from any vulnerabilities that arise by walking this path.
You are welcome to walk alongside me for any period of time. This blog can be more appreciated on a computer, rather then mobil version, but I tried to make both clean readable and beautiful. Computer version has 2 columns that display the recent writings, most popular writings of this year, and the most popular writings for the year 2017. It also has an archive of all the writings since 2011, which is sort of amazing, I never thought I will produce so much material when I began!

Thank you for being my fellow traveler friend!