Thursday, November 29, 2018

I am here, open to hear your story

There are those people, who went through different experiences of  awakening, various types of disillusionments, or spontaneous kundalini rising not in a perfect way, who are in the middle of recognizing themselves and shedding the old life in the intense way. They instinctively hide from the world that does not understand and does not SEE them. They hide their inadequacies, their true face is hidden under the old face, a survival mask, that can't even stick well anymore. They are on a brink of going sideways, from tremendous pressure of the energies cursing through the organism and no proper outlets to ground and integrate that power. The world and their old circle see them as weird, fallen, broken, crazy, ill, improper. They are asked to get their act together, be normal, conform, accept they are wrong, be like everyone else. They themselves doubt the experience they lived, trying to awaken "more", only holding themselves in a prison of the misleading mind, while their life and vitality is deteriorating.

I was given a life to find the ways out of the energetic, psychological, mental mess of the remains of the old personality, and I was given a gift to be able to have clear insight and to be able to talk about it in simple ways, and I was given courage to just be myself in all my inadequacies and not to hide them behind the ideal teacher persona.  I was given the wisdom to see the uniqueness of this life that is coming forth through each set of eyes, and I was given a chance to feel love for the life itself. I was given this natural ability of seeing possibilities in each human being and their unique life trajectory. And since I was one of those who bounced around between new and old for some long time, I have natural affinity to  help these very friends. If you need help, you always can write to me. I will write to you in a form of an essay on my blog. It might be not one essay, but more, until you feel a relief, until you feel the movement. This is how I work with some people who contact me, and it proven to work wondrous. Besides, it does help other people who read my blog. Please stay warm in upcoming winter times. Sending you  much love ❤️