Thursday, November 15, 2018

Just be. No rush. Allrigt?

I am here in this lifetime to bring forth a pioneering thought, leave that behind to others to build on, and move on.  Human in me was trying to hold on, because she loved collaborations, she always tried to postpone the unknown by leaning to the familiar.  She also clinged to the insight as it was hers 😂 Anyone here who is not guilty of this tendency in a past, or currently? Exactly, this is very human.  

My journey is not that much different then many, in Awakening, we go through Grace of realization, of de-conditioning,  un-identification, growing and maturing in the insight and clarity, and being.  I am also here as a role model to talk about these things openly, without hiding an elephant behind a holy facade. 

Please be kind to yourself if you still holding on to some identities, unconsciously. This is not a straightaway. one by one conditioned identities will become clear to you, and then you decide if you like to wear them, if they are good fit, or you just had enough of that, and you may leave it at the door.  

This is a journey of a lifetime, and especially be patient the first 7 years after Awakening. This event, or series of events are like collision of tectonic plates on the ocean floor, it will send a tsunami wave through time-space continuum, re-aligning the human,  will set in motion the vastness of the whole being, on all levels.  

Can you see that expecting to be perfectly congruent on all levels right from the birth canal of awakening is a wishful thinking of a little linear mind.  He just can't give up labeling the experience, its just hard for him not to talk, it's how he is, especially in the beginning of the tectonic shift.  

Give it a time, give the mind a time to talk, it will quite down naturally, with time everything will quite down, there will be a new equilibrium in the system, no need to rush, it just doesn't work that way.  

Live the first 7 years without having any expectations, just be you, whoever you are at the moment, be that nondual awareness or a  charachter you identified with temporarily, and anything in between.  Just allow yourself this freedom to be. Doesn't matter whom or what. Just be. No rush. Alright? ❤️