Wednesday, November 7, 2018

What I am doing right now, what helps, and how you can help yourself in more wellbeing, especially if you have any autoimmune condition

Here is some of the practices I am implementing to improve autoimmune condition, I will add more with time, but for now, this is what I was inspired to share today:

Dry brushing

This is for lymphatic massage.  Used in Ayurvedic medicine to move the lymph upwards and improve it’s flow, therefore loose weight associated with stagnant lymph.  It also makes the skin very soft.  I use the sisal brush, but these silk gloves are better to use, since you can do it with two hands at once.  Just google “raw silk gloves for dry massage”.

Pulsed Magnetic Therapy

Portable device you can wear 24/7 is you so desire!!  Safe, very low EMF,  I have GREAT result in terms of internal inflammation with it.  Basically, since I started to use it a month ago, I am pain free.  This is the device that was developed by 
Dr. Robert Dennis someone who was a consultant in NASA 20 years ago when they were developing this technology, and many of his research was actually used and some of it stolen by MLM companies that promote their thousands dollars PEMF mats.  His little device ICES M1 that I am using is around 550$ (look for the coupon in the link bellow that I also used myself) and he is offering more basic device for 300$ (also use 130$ coupon they offer right on their site, or email them for it).  This is vs 4-6 thousand (!) dollars and more of fancy mats that are also run as multi level marketing companies!  

After using this device for sometime and seeing amazing results, I purchased a bigger ring that I sleep on through the night on Shumman frequencies.  I use 10HZ on my head for alpha wave application in the mornings, it helps with brain fog and motivation (which is also one of the side effects of the autoimmune d/o).  I use their Omni 8 protocol for anything else on the body ( improve digestion on the belly, eliminate back pain, use it on the ankles, tucked in my socks at night for joint pain).  Since I am using it, I am not kidding, I became pain free, and my digestion improved dramatically.  I did not change anything really since I am using this device, I only quit coffee that I had 1 cup in the morning.  Everything else is the same, and yet, I have dramatic improvement in my health.  I do not feel pain in my joints, I do not have back pain, no neck pain, no bloating, no indigestion.  I still have much energy running through my head, and I am working on it with applying the PEMF on the thalamus through the back on my head (I tuck it under the headband), or I put it on the top of my head under a tight beanie hat.  I guess, I became one of the bio-hackers that experiment on themselves! :) I always have been experimental, and now I just added this little bio hacking device.  I love this website, I came across it when I was researching how I can help myself to bring physical health into more harmony, and this is where I came across this little PEMF device.  I researched it since then through and through, I probably watched everything available on youtube and read all the comments under the videos and in blogs, and I was so impressed by the creator, how he explains and talk to everybody, so humble, I then bought the device and became a bio-hacker :)

Far-Infra Red Sauna

This I can’t live without! I have been sweating in sauna since childhood.  As a very yong child, a toddler, I lived in Kamchatka, the most Eastern area of Russia, it is on the other side of Barentzev sea from Alaska.  In that area people used to wash in the geysers, then jump into the snow, epic!  My parents would take me with them for this weekly procedure :) Then in Ukraine later in Germany, then in Russia I went weekly to the sauna to sweat and jump into the cold plunge.  When I came to NYC with time I found my way to Russian banya (bath) there. In fact, there are several great Russian bath houses in NYC.  In the last years in New York City I actually give my preference to Korean sauna in Palisades, New Jersey.  I can’t even explain the magnificence of this place that has many different saunas made with different materials: different clays, rock salt, semi-precious stones, as well as solid amethyst and jade sauna, and gold plated pyramid sauna!  As I moved to California I made an extensive research, and bought far-infra red sauna that I actually tried once on raw food festival.  My friend even bough this sauna right on the festival, it was so good!  This is one of the most expensive portable saunas, but I was lucky, and I found it almost new on Craig List for fraction of the cost, I believe I paid 250$ for it, and it was barely used!  If you really really need something, and you put attention to it, it will come into your life in some way or another, keep focusing!  Link to the sauna I own, in case you want one:

Here is what I need now to compliment my sauna treatments. This blue plastic tub my friend told me about. He fill it with cold water and keep it covered, and sit in it for 10 min.  It improved his Crones autoimmune condition dramatically, along with breathing exercises and little yoga.  The method was developed by Wim Hoff, and when I posted on Facebook about my autoimmune journey, three people came forward to recommend this protocol, so I listened.  The tub is better then simply staying under running water for many reasons.  Here in California water is very expensive, I can’t stand 10 min under running water every day, after the regular shower.  I can fill up tub, cover it, and re-use the water for several weeks, just add some antiseptic essential oils or drops.  To submerge one time and stay there is easier then staying under the shower where the temperature of the cold water and air touching the skin is constantly change.  Yo can actually mediate in cold water and do not feel the uncomfortable sensations. If you inclined to help me with this, here is the link to my Amazon Wish list:


Here is what made a big difference for me in terms of how I feel after several hours on my laptop or iPhone:  I read a part of the book Earthing, and it made so much sense to me!  I started again walk barefoot on my backyard and use rubber-free shoes, like cowboy boots I owe for many years, they made solely with natural materials that are conductive.  I bought moccasins made by Native American tribe in Canada that I used all summer in my house, I also walk in it in a forest too.  I bought a grounding mat made with conductive silver material, and I sit on it when I work on my laptop, and sleep on it at night, it’s connected to a grounding outlet, I believe 50$ I paid for the mat, its great quality, re-usable, washable, and it definitely improved how I feel.  Before I would feel almost nauseous after several hours on laptop, since I am using the mat I felt never nauseous or ill after using computer.  If you want this mat, here is a link to it.  I bought a small plush silver pad, it is really enough, but they have large version too. It works also under the sheets too, or on top.  I also sleep on it at night.

I am so grateful for anyone who helped already on my humble Amazon Wish list.  If you want to help, but don't have funds, please help me with your good wishes, intention, vital energy, Reiki, or write me a letter! If I ever in anyway helped you directly, or indirectly, please let me know - I want to know you and how we are connected and how my work touched you, be that Liberation Unleashed work on awakening, or post-awakening inspired writings, essays, blog posts, my personal stories that I shared in intention to reach anyone who needs this information.  Thank you very much! 

Healing is possible now, as I released an underlying cause for it — suppression.  Please read my blog Complete Humanity ( where I describe with utmost precision how it was possible for me to release the most prevalent cognitive fixation of this lifetime.  Not many write about it, and if you are the one who feel that you are living someone else life, or you have constant underlying anxiety, you can’t relax most of the time, you play the role of a “nice person”, you avoid conflict at all cost, and etc…you will be greatly benefited by reading my own journey in discovering and letting go of this fixation.

I know that physicality — the body and the brain — just need more time to re-calibrate to find a new more healthy equilibrium.  Thank you for helping me in this journey, and I am happy to share with you what I found works for me.  In my wish list on Amazon you can find short description to each item, I added it so anyone who come across and feel connected with the item, know what it is for, and might research more about it for themselves.

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