Saturday, April 13, 2019

True Freedom

Today I got clear that I do have a specific mission at this time of my life. I am on a mission to bring clarity to the notion of spiritual awakening, and I am on a mission to help people to stop running for the carrot of abstract enlightenment.

It was my Chiron Return today. I officially pass the line on the life trajectory of healing the childhood wounds where I am no longer living the story of the wound. Its not always happens of cause, but my unceasing search for freedom actually paid off. I did dive deeply into the wound that held me in limitation of living the life in freedom, in spite of the awake mind. I had many different experiences in this lifetime, lived many lives, but the one that opened the mind to who am I and dropped any need for any more spiritual seeking and the one that opened the main wound and liberated me from fear of humiliation were the main events to freedom in this lifetime. Everyone has their own grain of sand in their shoe, its unique to each of us, in my case it was humiliation that I experienced in the early childhood that I unconsciously was avoiding by conforming in so many ways through the lifetime. There is no one method to freedom, if you meant to be cracked open in this lifetime, you probably feel great longing for freedom, and you will be opened in your own unique way. Stop comparing yourself to others, mind your own liberation, only you will know when there is no sand in your shoes. Spiritual search is one of the most biggest avoidance to look what hurts while you are walking. Instead we pretend its all fine and politely smile by wearing a mask of a "very spiritual person" or "awake and aware", unconsciously holding tension in the organism and perpetuating unrest. So today I celebrate my own freedom. I did my work. I help others in the same, this is my lifework, and I am happy to still be alive and be of service.