Sunday, April 28, 2019

I feel deeply

I have been processing this for couple of days, and my most pain now is that I see how so many suppressed in their own innate wisdom, trying to catch up with some projected ideal. They get dismissed by the conformed world around the power figures who project forward the face they want to see by, while hiding deep down their own unprocessed thick stuff. I see it all across the board, in every area, spiritual and mundane. Honestly, I do not know what to do about it other then work on my own clarity and groundness in my own being, trust my own judgment, know my work in the world and helping others in the same. I decided to work with one person at a time to help them to re-remember who they are, to be a witness in their own nature and a character they carry in this lifetime, so they can leave the heard and start to live.

I see firsthand how screwed up human perception of "authority in the filed" (any field) is, starting from most parents (me included with my own son), school teachers, then spiritual gurus, high profile figures in self-help world, how hypnotizing it is, how disempowering, how homogenizing it is! I specifically was given the life circumstances to experience it firsthand, in fact, I had one very recently. I came to live absolute transparency, because someone has to be open to show others that these things are real and valid. If you think I am a superman, this is not the case, I feel deeply, I feel so deeply for human condition, for suffering we went through out of ignorance, I do not have time for dismissing it. This is my contribution to the world and every one who ever came across what I write, how I write, and how I work, people know I am very human.

I will not site with what majority think, what majority believe in about you, even with what you believe about yourself, I am not here to add more to hypnosis. I will challenge your mind, and will un-cover the REAL, the forgotten, the natural, the life-giving, what is prior to when you folded, when you contracted, when you assumed the role you lived. We will go in you PRIOR to when you allowed to be directed by those around you who portrayed they knew better for you what and how you should be.