Monday, April 1, 2019

How to navigate this life

This would be awesome, right, if I could tell you?

Or if someone would tell me.  But it’s not gonna happen.
Wait, there are a lot of those who claim they know,
please understand, they at most found the way for themselves.

Sure we can share with each other,
and by resonance we connect, and trust, and listen.
But we also forget that we all have different configuration of the mind,
though we are one at the core, our minds process life differently.

This is why there are so many modalities and teachers,
because it is needed, like different species perform different functions.
Please don’t get stuck as a helpless child to one of them forever.
Grow up besides waking up. 

It does sound almost foreign, sure.  You spent half a life trying to wake up.
You thought this is an ultimate goal in life.  And it might be!
But life continues, you know, it doesn’t stop, or suddenly becomes all perfect.
Now with that expanded knowing you need to walk the same streets as before!

How to navigate the same life when you woke up out of the illusion of separation,
 out of the spell to be this body, thinking and emotions?
Start paying attention to what you are here for.
Stop rushing to do, and start seeing what exactly you are here to do.

You slow down this character you are in, you get to know them.
You start notice the fixations developed through the unconscious living,
the hand-ups, what we call “conditioning”, the learned behaviours,
habits, patterns, which were created mostly for protection in the illusion of separation.

Can you see that waking up is not really an event in time,
but a state of mind at the present moment, now.
I do not want to diminish any existential experiences,
they were absolutely necessary for the mind to release the veil of separateness. 

But please do not hold on to the memories, they will not help now,
who even cares that you now think you are awake? 
Human brain is a highly adaptive organ, it will immediately
creates new, upgraded image of “awaken me”. 

What’s important is to continue to be honest, continue an inquiry,
what I mean here, just questioning any ownership the mind assumes.
Does’t have to be robotic, just natural simple curiosity
about the mechanisms of identification and creation of identities.

At some point life becomes lucid.  Awake life is the same life,
just like a night dream is the same dream as a lucid dream.  Its a dream.
In lucid living you live life from the perspective of the character,
though you know you are not it.  It happens without effort.

This is very important to understand, if the effort is present,
it comes from the mind - it tries to highjack reality to make it it’s achievement.
Being here/now is the simplest thing, not even possible not to be,
but “trying” to be here/now is a mind’s simulation.

If you are lost and feel the pain of separation, then follow the pain.
Turn to the pain, face to face, ask it to reveal what’s wrapped in it.
Here you can use any modality available: from behavioural psychology 
to energy medicine, mind inquiry, body somatic inquiries - whatever resonates, 
you just see what is easier for your mind to engage in, by itself or guided.

Waking up is opening the perception to who you are
besides the body and the brain, and opening the eyes to what life is,
besides believing everything you’ve told. It is a rite of passage not for everyone, 
but the courageous and curious, who are driven to it 
more then they are driven to preserve safety.

Growing up is clearing the pains, not running away and chasing bliss, 
but saying yes to all you’ve got.  It is seeing that no one is responsible 
for the current mind state you are in. 
By waking up to who you are this will be clear why.

With these two lines of work, effortless and engaged at the same time,
You are in this life in a unique positioning, can you see that?
Reliance on anyone else to explain the way, to zap, to use the magic wand 
won’t bring the clarity, at most just bring a temporary relief, 
though I am not against that either.

Wake up, my friend, then grow up, perhaps vice versa - 
in all the different ways this can present itself.
There are no calculations, no analysis, no linear ways to it,
relax into what’s present and follow your life’s own unique trajectory.

I found this drawing by Annie Mueller both true and FUNNY! :)