Sunday, March 31, 2019

Awakening of the mind as an obstacle in living awake

This is what I met with by working with awake people: The awakening of the mind becomes an obstacle in living awake. The opening of the mind's perception of who one is solidifies into the concept that stalls the creativity, curiosity, natural responses of the mind that is free of the solid identity. I used to think that people only on Facebook behave like awake robots, but in their life they are different, but now I see that its not the case, they are actually in life feel very restricted. It's like an opposite of freedom! The outer life circumstances only a sign of a restriction, and it can manifest in different ways, for example feeling dull, not motivated, not interesting to live, not interested in others, having a restriction in the partnership, sexual restriction, financial, feeling unfulfilled, but all this is not sort of a concern, because this is all human desires and interests, and "I am beyond it", "I am life itself" or pure awareness...I think you got my point here...Awakening to the Spirit to take over implies no limitation how the Spirit will live itself through the vessel. If you woke up in a dream at night lucid you do not sit in your dream in detached no-body, you go and explore the dream world, fly and do things you won't do before, just because you can! You know you are dreaming, you know there is nothing to be afraid of, so you explore fully. Same in life, if you woke up, stop pretending to be awake, BE free, FEEL alive, LIVE the fullness of life! 

P.S. Surely I myself went through a fairly long period of living detached, removed and all that, this is why I spot that crap very quickly, and there is no way you will make me believe "all is fine", and this is why I am here with the energy of provocation and the ability to make an impact necessary for you to snap the hell out of it, sometimes it is verbal coaching, and sometimes it is situational. And sometimes it is a life lesson for both of us 🥳🔥🌈💥