Friday, March 8, 2019

Elena, this is Profound!

“Elena, this is Profound!!”
“Yes, it is!”
We both silent, startled, looking at each other, there is a deep pause...we feel her profoundness.

“Now you go live from this space, girl”
She glows as thousand stars. I tear up.
I am there with her. In her expansion. I am expanded too. It’s a space of all possibilities. It feels no less then profound.
I feel an honor to have an opportunity to make them lit up as thousand starts and be a witness to their profoundness.
I love to work with millennials. They are so precious, they evoke in me the most sympathetic joy I ever felt! 

If you have a child who is any of it: unsure, "lost", hiding, shy, unhappy, underachiever, resentful, righteous, having attention problems, commitment problems, any problems! in their 20th or early 30th, please send them to me. They are seekers in their own right, and I know how to work with them. I have very limited time for this as I am involved in building big project right now and trying to finish the book. The reason I am offering this because helping these precious souls makes a big impact on me. I feel called into this work right now, I feel they are who will carry us forward as a human tribe, and they need help now. I connect with them through having no solid identity and a lifetime of a great variety of "normal" and quirky human experience. They feel my transparency and acceptance of them, regardless where they are; they get validated in their uniqueness, they get empowered to Be, they re-connect to who they are in their own unique way. I can cry just writing this, because they deserve it and because they are much more ready to be who they are then any of the old crony like me.

I have to say to any of you who feel: "I had an awakening experience, but I still hide from living life fully", consider this work invitation too. Though I would take your millennials precious kids for a ride with me first