Tuesday, March 26, 2019

How awakening help in a human life?

So how awakening help in a human life? It simply allows you to be you. Allows you to be free from expectations of deeply conditioned mind around self-image and from expectations of others. It allows you to be correct in your own movement of energies, speech and actions. I have to say here that your correctness can look like incorrectness to others, especially in the transition period from been conditioned deeply to
be free.
The transition is not an easy time, and in my view and experience takes at least 7 years of core de-conditioning, and then natural fine-tuning, so no rush. Be kind to yourself. Be kind to those around who goes through epic shedding of skins.
I am here to serve and help in that process of shedding. I hide nothing, withdraw nothing, and will ask the best you are able to give to yourself at this time