Tuesday, March 5, 2019

A CATALYST for Deep Transformation

I am done with my main coaching training !! I continue the learning with masters in coaching, but being myself as a CATALYST for Deep Transformation I bringing UNIQUE skills into my work with people. I am very happy with the results of my 5 months experiential and intense coaching training, mostly for it helped me to release my own deepest fear and mind fixation of this lifetime, the deepest blind spot that no amount of meditation and inquiry could touch, the biggest roadblock that kept me from fully expressing myself and my own unique work in the world. I am working on a BIG project right now with other people, as one of my purpose here is to be a Pioneer and create NEW (this I unveil when we are ready here)! I am writing a book that is due in August this year (you will know EVERYTHING about me and also HOW to WAKE UP and WHAT to expect). I co-lead Non-Dual Awakening Gate group which I created in 2011 and re-invented recently. I am also available (to very limited number of individual clients) for individual de-conditioning support, all kinds of spiritual emergencies, and help in finding the new direction in life. Thanks to the same team of graphic designer Bonnie and webmaster Tina I had since we co-created Liberation Unleashed, I have my website created and updated recently with offerings of my coaching services:

I hope I inspire people to take care of their lives from where they are. You all know that it was a stretch for me to fund this training, but it didn't stop me. It was a stretch for me to go sit in the room full of corporate people, but it didn't freeze me. In a way actually it did, and it served me perfectly by detonating the fear one day in front of all of them!! It was a stretch for me to shift from being a spiritual dropout to professional, but it didn't scare me. It was a stretch for me to go through being pushed out from the organization I co-created, but it didn't crash me. It was a stretch to look into a new BIG project, but I said YES to it. It was a stretch to offer here my services, as I was working for free or donations in a spiritual community for the last 8 years, but hell with possible judgment! I stretched myself in all the directions lately, and the price was liberation from fear! I am free and I invite you to be free from anything that holds you from being and expressing yourself as a complete human in this lifetime! 

A Catalyst

I am a Catalyst, please do not expect to be comfortable with me, if you feel comfortable, its only temporary, and I suggest you hold on to the rails, because I propel you out of your comfort zone. For the greater good, as they say it...I do not even know how I do that precisely, its done differently every time, mostly through the situational teaching that get's transmitted through me. If you do not think I am affected, just trust me, I am the first who feels heebie jeebies, at least I know now it's not really my stuff. I learnt to read the change in the mind state, and recognize what is going on. I just embody people's emotions, mind states, some crazy shit get's cleared through me, if I do not resist.

Catalyst is the agent, you add a pinch of that in the solution, and you get an alchemic reaction 🔥🔥🌪🌪🌪⚡️⚡️💥💥 I found that it was easier to be a consultant, a guide, a teacher, I could keep the status quo, because I am the one in a space "who knows", I could keep the identity going. As a coach I step into the space just as a client is, vulnerable and ready to be transformed. I leant that if I resist to submit to the alchemy, I really get it hard, so I learnt to be a true catalyst: impartial, humble, serving the whole, having no fear to be dissolved. Use me 💓