Friday, March 8, 2019

How you can help me, Elena?

I received couple of letters that helped me to write detailed explanation what is that I actually have to offer and how this help in deep transformation. Thank you, friends! I am always for making things more clear!

Laser means getting to the source or root quickly.
It does not necessarily shorten the coaching time but it does make each coaching session more effective and efficient.

Mind creates stories we live from the believes we pick up from our parents, society, and the environment we are born and live in. These believes get solidified as we live life, and our life become a reflection of the stored believes and stories we hold about ourselves. To create something new, to become new, to achieve new, you need to part with that baggage, maybe part by part, or all at once. I help in this right of passage as an AWAKE human being, as a PROFESSIONAL life coach, as unique embodiment of a CATALYST and a Role Model Mental Projector design I carry in this life.

How AWAKE human assist in transformation?
Regardless of where you are, what you do or not do, how you feel, how satisfactory or unsatisfactory your life is, regardless of what you think about yourself, what people around think of you, I SEE you in the FULLNESS YOU ARE. I work with you from the space that is beyond personal qualities and personal achievements, from the space of Pure Awareness that we all ARE. I know Maya (the illusion of Life), and I know who we are beyond the illusion we see with our eyes. I will guide you to see the play of Life where you as this unique character participates, consciously or unconsciously. We will discover your unique qualities you came to play with and offer to the world. We will discover a deeper and more exciting direction for your journey here. You will ride your own life trajectory with clarity, respect to your role here in this lifetime and have much more understanding and appreciation of the variety of life, making you love and accept people as they are, building true satisfying relationship with yourself and others.

How PROFESSIONAL life coach assist in transformation?
I am a professional coach, I studied in the best and oldest professional schools in USA: Co-Active Coaches Training Institute and Laser Coaching Training. I am also a synergetic being, it means that I studied all my life different holistic methods of healing, and now they come in me as my own coaching method. This method is to be 100% Present, and trust what comes in the space between me and a client. For the list of different holistic modalities I studied professionally, please refer to my Resume that is posted under "About Elena" menu option on my website or on this blog.

How Human Design Overview assist in transformation?
This offering in every coaching relationship is optional. It depends on your curiosity and willingness to experiment with simple behavioral modifications to make your decision making easy and correct for you. We have different bodies, different structure of the mind, we affected differently by larger cosmic bodies movement, we born in different environment, and the ancient techniques, like western and Vedic astrology, I-Ching, and Human Design can assist you to understand and notice the unique qualities of your own being. In work with me you will see how I am acutely aware to variety in life, and variety in humanity, and how I create awareness about your own uniqueness, so you would never again compare yourself to others and feel diminished. You will learn YOU, love YOU, respect YOU, be fascinated by YOU, offer unique YOU to the world!

How CATALYST assist in transformation?
Please do not expect to be comfortable with me, if you feel comfortable, its only temporary, and I suggest you hold on to the rails, because I propel you out of your comfort zone. For the greater good, as they say it! There is no formula, it's a pure alchemy. Its done differently every time, mostly through the situational teaching that get's transmitted through me, or through the energetic clearing that is facilitated through my own body in our communion.
Catalyst is the agent, you add a pinch of that in the solution, and you get an alchemic reaction 🔥🔥🌪🌪🌪⚡️⚡️💥💥 As a coach I step into the space just as a client is, vulnerable and ready to be transformed. I noticed that if I resist to submit to the alchemy, I really get it hard, so I learnt to be a true catalyst: impartial, humble, serving the whole, having no fear to be dissolved. Use me.

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