Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Get Un-Stuck and Play your part!

It's mind boggling how people really do compare themselves to other people, teachers, colleagues, those who achieve something, spiritually or materially, and how this creates a havoc in the nervous system, and how if they only know their own unique offering to this world, their own role, their gifts and natural limitations, they would be so honored to be themselves, so happily playfully selfing! Otherwise we either unhappily unconsciously selfing or we try to hide into the absolutist view, half-baked-awake view of ourselves as "It's Life happening" or "I am Awareness", but we still unconsciously selfing, everyone around us see it, we are like an ostriches that hid the heads in a sand and think we are invisible!
What I mean by happily playfully selfing?
You know you are here not to pose as Consciousness or Awareness in this life, otherwise why would Consciousness even incarnate in you? Thats right, you are here to individuate. Yes, we are one, yes, its all Consciousness, One Mind, as Huang Po would say, many of us went through awakening to the essence of who they are. And what's now? To try to grip on the idea that you are Consciousness and avoid human dealings? You know this does not work. You know that life will bring it on to break that absolutist view that stuck in the mind as reality, and you would be forced to leave the "safe" Awake identity cushion, and finally face your humanity, the hard way!
Happily selfing is living clarity of who you are, without any escape tactics, without living unconsciously life that is guided by deepest unseen fears.
Happily selfing is knowing yourself, as transcendent and as humane, and having no resistance to play your part fully for what you were born.
You were not born to pretend to be not you, to pretend to be like someone else, even if it is the most awake guru on the planet, you were born to be you and offer the world your own unique gift.
Yes, most of us, we do not know who we are, and so we are seeking for this clarity all our life. We are not sure what we are here for, besides what we were told by others, or besides our own ideas, also conditioned in a social environment. To escape the suffering of not knowing why we are here, we seek transcendence with all might, and when we finally have this mind expanding experience, we just hold on to it as much as we can, becoming no-self stuck half-way on the mountain seeker that deny their humanness, deny their responsibilities of actions, later on deny seeking as something bad, and basically deny themselves.
I know I described a hard case here, but I met so many around facebook non-duality groups especially, I myself was hiding in absolutist mind state for some years, boy, I know what it is, and I surely recognize the trait from the first written sentence or in a meeting with someone. 
There is nothing to be ashamed also, if you are stuck. Stuck is stuck, and this is just a temporary mind state. And in the middle of stuck you actually don't even know that you are stuck, you only have the awareness of it when you have it, so there is nothing really bad about being stuck. But being stuck myself before I know I would benefit from some input on me being stuck, especially if that would be an experience for me to see it myself! Or I would benefit from someone guiding me in the un-stuck! That would be even better!! But I kept myself stuck with others who were stuck just like me, and many are still there. I am not. And I know how to shift things to un-stuck.
I know I wrote mouthful about being stuck, but its ok!

Anyways, If you are curious why you are here and what you are here to bring to the world, I do a special inquiry to guide people in a process of discovering yourself, discovering your own character in a movie called "Maya", and embody it with joy, instead of hiding behind the curtain, watching others being playful while you pretend you are all serious disembodied Awake!